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Riding from Paris to Dakar is a quest that is at the top of the bucket list for many motorsport enthusiasts. Participating in the adventure category is your chance to get the most of the rally experience, the magnificent and challenging terrains and navigation and as a full member of the rally team. But without the clock ticking away and with a full race route that may include a few alternatives every day to allow you to choose the best option for you based on your vehicle, terrains, skills and interests. 

To inspire your adventure you will have dedicated go-to-person with in-depth knowledge of the terrain, the navigation and tips & tricks to help you enjoy the rally experience in the adventure tracks. Every night there will be a dedicated briefing for the participants in the adventure category to help you prepare and plan for the next days adventure.

Experience the adventure category


Participating in the adventure category you are a full member of the rally family and will share life in the camps and all the fun with the racers in the other categories. 

As a participant in the adventure class you will also have:

  • The experience of the full race, but without the clock ticking. You can instead use your the time you need to challenge yourself in the heavy sand or through the more technical terrains. 
  • A dedicated go-to person that will give you loads of advice on the routes, the terrains, the navigation etc.
  • A dedicated adventure briefing every night following the official race briefing .
  • Breakfast, dinner and supplementary coffee/tea with the rest of the rally family every day.
  • An opportunity to participate with vehicles suited for rallies and long distance off road adventures but that may not be suitable for participation in the race category.
  • The opportunity to skip some of the extreme days of the route and on those days take the service route instead. 

Each day you will have a challenging adventure route that may include different options based on your vehicle and driving skills. Options may include doing the full race route and special stages, but with deviations on specific places where we judge the race route to be to tough for either your vehicle or you or you may get the option of doing part of the race route and then jumping to the service route to skip the extreme parts of that day’s race. We can promise you, that all days will be challenging and that every day will be different.

Choosing between the full route or the service route will be based on your interest, vehicle and driving skills as well as the terrain on for that specific day. Not all terrain will be suitable for all vehicles and the briefing will take this into account.

We’ve limited the motos of the Adventure Category to 950 ccm due to the challenging terrain you will be facing. Heavy touring motorbikes may be perfect for the some of the long stretches of dirt tracks, but unless you are extremely skilled, you won’t get through the heavy sand of the Sahara dunes. The same applies to certain types of cars, so please keep this in mind when choosing your vehicle.  

The participants in the adventure category will be assigned a member of the organization as their primary contact and go-to-person. In 2023 it will be Bo Degn, who completed the rally three times in the race 4X4 category. Bo is experienced with off-road navigation and driving in the Sahara region as well as from the far north above the arctic circle and Iceland. Bo will be your go-to person before and during the rally if you have questions or need for advice


As a participant in the adventure category you will have a separate briefing every night after the rally briefing. We will discuss navigation, terrain and preparations for the next day in the tracks. And you can ask questions on the route and tracks from experienced drivers so that you can make informed choices of the route, and what challenges you want to take up the next day. On request we will do specific training sessions on the gps–navigation as used in the rally, driving in rocks, sand and dunes as well as beach driving etc. 


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