The Real Way to Dakar by Intercontinental Rally is adventure at its pure form. Navigating the desert in your own vehicle and reaching the shore of Lac Rose, Dakar is a journey packed with challenges. Challenges that you can practice and prepare for and make sure you are well equipped for. But when you are in the tracks, you are fully depending on your skills, your team and your equipment. If you fail in one of these parameters, you will not make it to Dakar, so the stakes are high.

Adventure creates lasting memories as does great people. Both those people you meet as part of the rally as well as the local people and their tremendous hospitality.

The adventures we create together fuels our ambition of creating an even better rally experience year after year.

Finishing motorcycles in The Real Way to Dakar

The Story Behind

After the famous Dakar Rally moved outside of the African continent in 2009 the founder of the Intercontinental Rally, Jiri Vasatko, decided to organize his own rally. The Intercontinental Rally should go in the wake of Thierry Sabine and be a rally where all kinds of the participants could come and get a true rally experience. Very much like the Dakar Rally in 1979-1989.

Today the Intercontinental Rally – now The Real Way to Dakar – is an annual off-road competition and adventure rally for motor enthusiasts. During the past 10 years the rally has steadily grown in size and recognition. But we don’t want to let go of the fact that it should be possible for everyone to get the experience of joining us in the race to Dakar. 

The People Behind

Jacob Ilskov has been co-organiser of one of the rally service teams and has participated in the rally for 6 consecutive years before joining the organisation as owner and rally director in 2019. Jacob is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the rally event.

Kasper Van Deurs has been the founder of the service team Outback Adventure Company and has participated for 9 years. Kasper also completed the rally as the driver of a MAN CAT race truck with Jacob Ilskov as a navigator. Today Kasper acts as logistics manager responsible for camps, food and service.

The people behind The Real Way to Dakar


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The Real Way to Dakar

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