We have worked extremely hard to make the Real Way to Dakar 2022 edition a reality. However, as things are now rapidly evolving we see no other choice than to postpone the rally.

After ups and downs during the corona pandemic, we really believed that 2022 would be the most epic rally yet, not to mention the largest rally to date. We’ve made a number of upgrades along with a whole new set of routes that we were super excited to present to all of you. 

But we are faced with a number of obstacles, including the closing of most ferry routes, uncertainty of wether the boarders will open in time and even if we are able to drive south, we may not be able to ensure the trip north. All this, parred with the rapidly developing Covid-numbers throughout Europe has made us decide to postpone. 

Our community of crazy rally enthusiasts is why we love to make the Real Way to Dakar. And You are what is most important! We have today notified all our participants via email and have given them the option of either postponing their ticket for the 2023 event or get a 100 % refund. 

This decision has by no mean been easy to make and we are all deeply affected by this. We will now take a deep breath and then start planning for an even more epic version of our favorite rally in 2023. 

We hope to see all of you in the big sandbox next year. Until then stay safe

Get a true rally experience with The Real Way to Dakar

Our annual off-road competition the Real Way to Dakar by Intercontinental Rally is for motor enthusiasts who want to participate in a challenging and well-organized trans-African rally.

The route passes through some of the most spectacular landscapes in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal evoking a timeless sense of adventure and exploration.

From the endless dunes of the Sahara to the desolate expanses of coastal deserts, the rocky trails of the High Atlas, and the low lying Savannah.

Above all, each day brings new surprises and unexpected challenges.

Everyone is welcome

Whether you are an experienced rally driver who want to fulfill your dream of racing to Dakar against other crazy participants. Or you are a rally enthusiast without much racing experience who doesn’t want to race against the clock, but still want to check the race to Dakar of your bucket list. In other words, the Real Way to Dakar by Intercontinental Rally has something to offer everyone.

Maxime Mettra finishing the Real Way to Dakar on Moto

Join the Real Way to Dakar

Service & Food

As a participant in the Real Way to Dakar you will get breakfast and dinner as a part of your registration fee. Participating in our rally is also about joining a community of passionate rally enthusiasts and eating together lets everyone exchange experiences and adventures. 

For service you have the option of being on your own, bringing your own service team or partnering up with one of the service teams that are already participating in the rally. 

You can learn more about serviced the participating service teams here. 

How to participate in The Real Way to Dakar? 

The Real Way to Dakar is not an official IFA/FIM rally. This means we can be more flexible with the vehicles we allow to participate in the rally. But there are still some requirements depending on what kind of vehicle you choose as your companion. 

You can choose between a number of different vehicles. To make it easy we’ve gathered all relevant information for each vehicle on one site. 


Stay in touch! Get news about the rally - and make sure not to miss the next opportunity to join us!

The Real Way to Dakar

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