the real way to dakar 2021 has been postponed!

On October 13 the organisation behind the Real Way to Dakar made the decision to postpone the 2021 edition to 2022.

In the light of the second wave of covid-19 hitting Europe, we don’t see any other options. There is nothing we want more, than to make the trip from Paris to Dakar with our entire rally family, so be assured that all other options has been considered! There are mainly two things that are extremely important to us:

1. The health and safety of our participants!
Many European countries are re-instating restrictions on how many people can be gathered in one place and although we are conducting the rally on the African continent, we believe that it would be unwise to gather 100+ people in campsites where we have very limited control of social distance, sanitary conditions and no access to rapid testing. We do not want to risk anyones health “just” to carry out our rally.

2. The Real Way to Dakar is a community!
We and all our participants appreciates the community feeling that we are building in the camp at night. Of course it is a race to finish first in Dakar, but it is also a family of crazy people having a blast, sharing stories from the day and helping each other get ready for the next day.

We don’t want to compromise neither the health and safety of our participants, nor the rally that we promised everyone!

We have made the decision to postpone the Real Way to Dakar 2021 now to ensure that we can give 100 % of the participation fee back to our participants. In the light of the situation across the globe right now, we believe this is the fair thing to do and in the spirit of the rally. We have also offered all participants the option of holding on to their ticket and save a seat for the 2022 edition of the rally.

We will now start working on making The Real Way to Dakar 2022 the best rally ever! Stay tuned…

The 2021 edition of The Real Way to Dakar

has been postponed to 2022


Whether you are an experienced rally driver who want to fulfill your dream of racing to Dakar against other crazy participants. Or you are a rally enthusiast without much racing experience who doesn’t want to race against the clock, but still want to check the race to Dakar of your bucket list. In other words, the Real Way to Dakar by Intercontinental Rally has something to offer everyone.


As a participant in the Real Way to Dakar by Intercontinental Rally, breakfast and dinner is a part of your registration fee. Participating in our rally is also about joining a community of passionate rally enthusiasts and eating together lets everyone exchange experiences and adventures. 

For service you both have the option of being on your own, bringing your own service team or partnering up with one of the service teams that are already participating in the rally. 

How do you get from start to finish?

Real Way to Dakar is not an official FIA/FIM rally. This means we can be more flexible with the vehicles we allow to participate in the rally. But there are still some requirements depending on what kind of vehicle you choose as your companion. Therefore we encourage you to explore your options.


Stay in touch! Get news about the rally - and make sure not to miss the next opportunity to join us!