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Participating in a Service Vehicle in the rally

Service tryck during rally
Ravine during The Real Way to Dakar in Africa
Tipped over truck in The Real Way to Dakar


All types of vehicles are welcome. However, we recommend that you minimum bring a 4×4 vehicle as this gives you the opportunity to go through most terrains. 

a regular van could also be an option, but there are stretches where the road is very rough and camps with a sandy terrain. 


It is mandatory to wear a seatbelt while driving. 

Things you should carry in your vehicle at all times: 

  • 3 liters of drinking water per person
  • GPS navigation system
  • Basic tools for small repairs in the field
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Spare wheel
  • Towing rope
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Knife within easy reach of the pilot and co-pilot (to cut seat belts if necessary) 


We recommend that you carry enough fuel for approx. 600 km but on most days you will pass gas stations along the service route. 

Planning on participating?

If you are planning to sign in your Service Team to the next version of The Real Way to Dakar, we will be happy to feature you on our Service Team-site.

The purpose of the site is for participants, who does not yet have a service team, to find a team that matches their needs. 

If you want to be featured on the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a more in-depth chat on what it means to be a part of The Real Way to Dakar rally family. 

Food during the rally

In the 2022 version of the Real Way to Dakar we are introducing a new food programme, as breakfast and dinner will now become a part of your fee when you register for the rally. In the Real Way to Dakar it is important to us to create a sense of community amongst our participants.

Joining the community style dinner will give you a chance to check in with everyone else, to exchange stories of the challenges you’ve faced during the day and, most importantly, to get a good meal that will keep you going all the way to Dakar.

Our chef Signe Kierulf will make sure to serve good and nurturing food. Signe is a seasoned chef and will provide a community style dinner with good solid dinners like moroccan beef stew, indian dahl and chili con carne. For breakfast there will be bread, condiments and different kinds of cereals.

You will have to take care of food and water during the day in the track.

Community style dinner at the real way to dakar
Community style dinner at the real way to dakar

Check out our faq to find answers to other questions

Categories – how far do you want to go?

There are different options to participate in the Real Way to Dakar by Intercontinental Rally. 
Before entering the rally you have to take several things into consideration like vehicle type, budget, support, fitness level etc.

The full race route for the Real Way to Dakar 2021

The full race category

The race category gives you the full experience of starting in Morocco and racing all the way to the beach in Dakar. It is a high paced race against both the clock and the other participants.
This adventure will bring you through 6.000 km of spectacular and varied terrain in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

SignIn: 23 January 2022
Start: 24 January 2022
Finish: 5 February 2022

Lite 1 and lite 2 route map for the Real Way to Dakar 2021

The Lite category – 1 or 2

The lite version of the rally is still a race against the clock and other participants, but only half the distance compared to the full category.
The lite category for 2022 is split in two different options:
1)   Lite 1 starts in Morocco and finishes 3.000 km later in Dahkla, just before entering Mauritania.
DATES: 24/1 – 30/1 2022
2)   Lite 2 starts in Dahkla, takes you through 3.000 km in the dunes of Mauritania and lets you finish on the the beaches of Dakar.
DATES: 30/1 – 5/2 2022
This category gives you the experience of the rally but without the full distance.

The full race route for the Real Way to Dakar 2021

The Adventure category

The adventure category will give you an experience of what a long-distance rally is all about. Every day we have a route prepared for you that you will follow. The route will take you through the same areas as the Race category but will skip the very hard parts. This means you get the full rally experience – but without the pressure of the clock or the competition.
With help from our adventure coordinator we will advise you on the daily route to give you the best adventure and allow you to test your skills as a rally driver.

DATES: 24/1 – 5/2 2022


Finale Real Way to Dakar 2020

Please note, that as a service team you get to register one service vehicle for free if you bring a minimum of 7 starting numbers on your team.


2022 PRICES 28 FEB 2021 31 JULY 2021 30 NOV 2021
FULL RACE CATEGORY €2.200 €2.700 €3.200
€1.260 €1.540 €1.830
ADVENTURE CATEGORY €2.200 €2.700 €3.200
€850 €900 €950
€490 €510 €540
€850 €900 €950

Ready to register?

We made registering for The Real Way to Dakar easy. Just choose the category you want to participate in, create a user with your name and email and pay. Once you’ve payed you have secured your ticket to the Real Way to Dakar 2022 and we will send you an email with a link to the information sheet.

You have until November 30th 2021 to fill out all the required information, giving you plenty of time to find and enter your data when it suits you.

Buggy /UTV in desert rally

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Once you press ‘sign up’ you will be able to choose both distance and category.


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