Explore your potential in The Real Way to Dakar


Riding from Paris to Dakar is a quest that is at the top of the bucket list for many motorsport enthusiasts. But doing the full race against the clock may not be what you are imagining. 

Maybe you are an adventurer seeking new experiences without the clock ticking away or maybe you want the opportunity to explore the terrain and test your vehicle and driving skills before joining the full race to Dakar next year.

The adventure category will give you a choice of routes every day and the full rally experience – but without the pressure of the clock or the competition. However, you are required to keep up with the rally and make to camp every night to be allowed to continue as part of the rally. 


Participating in the adventure category you are a full member of the rally team and will share the camps and fun with the racers. Each day you will have a choice of routes with at least three options: Doing the full race route and special stages but without the time limitations, or doing a part of the special stages and some of the sections on paved road, or the full route from camp to camp on the paved road (where available…).  

Choosing the days route will be based on your own interest, team, vehicle and driving skills as well as the terrain on the day´s special sections. You may want to opt for some types of terrain and opt out on others. Or it may simply be that you want to spend the day in a town, explore the surroundings or develop new skills in certain terrains. In the adventure category you will have multiple options every day. And plenty of advice from the other participants and organizers.   

Participating in the adventure category you will have the same options as the participants in the race category in terms of buying additional service from the organizers. You may want to go for the breakfast-and-dinner-every-day-option – or the full package with food and service.  

Improve your navigation and Sahara driving skills as part of the adventure 

As a participant in the adventure category you will have a separate briefing every night after the rally briefing. We will discuss navigation, terrain and preparations for the next day in the tracks. And you can ask questions on the route and tracks from experienced drivers so that you can make informed choices of the route, and what challenges you want to take up the next day. We will do specific training sessions on the gpsnavigation as used in the rally, driving in rocks, sand and dunes as well as beach driving – and we may do more special sessions upon request. 

The participants in the adventure category will be assigned a member of the organization as their primary contact and instructor. In 2020 it will be Bo Degn, who completed the rally three times in the race 4X4 category. Bo is experienced with off-road navigation and driving in the Sahara region as well as from the far north above the arctic circle and Iceland. Bo will be your go-to person before and during the rally if you have questions or need for advice



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