From Paris to Dakar

Join us when we bring back the race from Paris to Dakar!

We are very excited to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Intercontinental Rally. To kick off this anniversary, we have decided to give You the option of starting the rally with us in Paris on January 16th.

The start in Paris will be a ‘soft and celebratory’ start without timekeeping. The timekeeping will start after technical and administration inspection in Morocco. 

Welcome to the updated Adventure Category

As a new feature, the Adventure Category in 2020 edition of the Intercontinental Rally will be quite different from earlier years. When signing up for the Adventure Category you will be given a specific route to follow each day – just like people doing the full race. 

However as an adventure participant, you will only be driving parts of the race track and an Adventure ORG car will always be following along the track to make sure you will get the best experience. 

This is the opportunity for everyone who is either not interested in racing or don’t (yet) have the skills to do the full rally. In other words, if you are not interested in going full in on the race, this is the perfect chance to still get to experience som dessert driving and be part of The Real Race to Dakar. 


Stay in touch! Get news about the rally - and make sure not to miss the next opportunity to join us!